When you really need to labeling a large number of products in a single day, as well as the label need to include barcode among the component then apparent you’ll need industrial barcode printer that will help you solve the issues.

Because large amount of problems can have if you opt to purchase a desktop label printer instead of industrial label printer for the labeling need that print a large number of label every day. Desktop printer series created for a minimal budget user and the amount of label that printed isn’t almost as much ast industrial needs, should you only print label about 200-700 label every day maybe desktop printer series enough for you personally. The most popular problem resulted from the condition such as this including damaged mind print, damaged platen roller, damaged ribbon boss, along with other damage.

The cost of commercial label printer is greater than desktop label printers you can not complaint about this since you’re going to get more take advantage of the industrial printer itself instead of desktop printer. The commercial barcode printer cost is between USOne Dollar.600 to all of usDollar 2.500 rely on brand, specs and quality for that product.

Zebra 105SL is definitely an industrial label printer from Zebra probably the most leading companies in barcode since over twenty years ago. The Zebra 105SL series is among the biggest sellers from Zebra Company, beside LP2844 series and S4M series.

Zebra 105SL provides extensive improvement than other printer series for example:

Enhanced memory

Processing capacity

Rugged and reliable All Metal construction

Consistent top printing quality

Network compatibility

The merchandise is extremely well suited for moderate to high volume printing needs, because of the enhanced memory and fast processing features. The rugged design and all sorts of Metal casing are extremely ideal once the printer used in business process such as this:

Manufacturing and Compliance labeling


Inventory Control

Product Identification marking

Operate in process

The benefit from these acer notebooks although it’s an industrial label printer but it’s quiet enough for doing things at work. So it won’t bother you much when you really need to print 1000 of labels inside your office.