Most Logistics companies try their best to deliver the packages of their clients on time and in perfect condition, but sometimes there may be a glitch in services or delivery, and all the client can do is to worry. These setbacks often happen, especially if you send parcels overseas (ส่ง พัสดุ ไป ต่าง ประเทศ which is the term in Thai). If your package or shipment is delayed, there is every possibility that the whole shipment is experiencing a setback. When this happens, there are certain things you can do which includes requesting for a “drop -off” service or you might as well rebook your collection to a more convenient place.

Reasons For Shipment Delay

Many reasons exist why your package is experiencing setbacks in delivery. Some of the reasons why your package is running behind schedule might include :

Driving Limit

Some logistics companies enforce a daily driving limit for their drivers. The maximum number of this daily limit ranges from 10-12 hours daily.  One of the reasons why your shipment is delayed might be because the driver has reached his maximum driving limit for the day. Nevertheless, when this happens, the client should be duly informed, and the package should be taken over by a new driver.

Road Setbacks

Many factors can cause this to happen, and the elements include severe traffic,  an accident, an event which disrupts road movement, etc.  In some cases, the driver carrying your package may be rerouted by the police. All these can cause a delay in package delivery.

 Errors In Booking System

In some cases, there may be a malfunction in the booking system of the logistics company. When this happens, there is every chance that your courier driver may not deliver your package as scheduled.

What Do I Do When My Package Delivery Is Delayed

Many things come to your mind when your package delivery has been overly delayed. Here are a few things you might want to do :

  • You can rebook your package collection to a more convenient date and time.
  • You can cancel the order
  • You can claim damages, especially if the package is insured.