The national language of the Lao’s people democratic republic was declared upon the establishment of the very first government. It is a southwestern Laos language and very closely imitates the technicalities of the Thai language. It has an extensive vocabulary set and the phonetics are very exertive, unlike the English language. Even the residents of central Thailand have difficulty in understanding the language because of the little exposure the language has received over the years.

Cultural interchange and Laos in external affairs

Thailand is one of the leading industries in terms of tourism which account for twenty per cent of its GDP. Millions of travelers fly to Thailand every single year from all parts of the world however very few come with the ability to understand door speak the language of this country. Laos language has one to much linguistic difference from the English language. Hire to translate Thai[จ้าง แปล ภาษา ไทย, which is the term in thai].To be able to understand and speak the language one to devote a rigorous amount of time studying it. the time needed to spent amounts to a bulging 1100 hours. Now, Thailand has more languages that are spoken by the natives and each are related to the fact that the presence of one affects the other somehow. Laos is spoken by sixty million of residents exclusively

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