The finish outcome is creating ever-growing challenges for 2 important entities within our communities – small company proprietors and non-profit organizations.

For small company proprietors, the task involves how you can market their companies without breaking the bank. As the quantity of information open to us is constantly on the mount, we become more and more desensitized and not aware of typical “advertising messages” which come our way. Protection owned by us in the “Don’t Call List” and technology for example Tivo has permitted us to effectively screen out most of the traditional ways in which business has informed consumers regarding their services and products. Within the Information Age, spending considerable amounts of cash on traditional advertising isn’t just financially difficult, it’s also largely ineffective.

For non-profit organizations, the difficulties might be even bigger. As levels of stress increase, our ability and/or readiness to give money and time for the worthy social causes seems to become going lower. Many grant programs are actually requiring a non-profit to exhibit the way they will end up self-sustaining, while ongoing to broaden their achieve while increasing their ability to provide client services. Unless of course new causes of cashflow and individuals-energy are located and developed, ale non-profit organizations to supply services even in their current levels will probably suffer.

Together – both of these separate but synergistic challenges give a unique chance for any special kind of entrepreneur. We give them a call Social Entrepreneurs – particularly, entrepreneurs who are interested in creating positive telecomutting saves gas.

Social Entrepreneurs have become more and more thinking about a comparatively new sales & marketing concept – it is called Shared Fundraiser. The foundation for Shared Fundraiser is straightforward. Several Social Entrepreneur small company proprietors concurs to work with a non-profit organization they worry about and would like to support. The company proprietors typically represent a number of services and products – a few of which might be useful towards the non-profit itself, in order to its’ volunteer and/or supporter base.

One option that work well to create the company proprietors and also the organization’s supporters together is definitely an educational seminar event that gives education, services and products towards the supporting community. The function from the non-profit would be to help publicize the big event. The function from the business proprietors would be to educate the seminar attendees making related services and products at hand.