Before hiring a financial consultant [konsultan keuangan, which is the term in Indonesian] you must make sure that he is the right person for this job. A financial advisor is a person who gives you the right direction where you can benefit yourself. The following are some of the factors which you need to consider before hiring a financial advisor.

  • The best interest:

A good financial advisor is the one who works in the best interest of your company. You should make sure that he is a worthy person for this job. As money related matters are not discussed with anyone. The financial advisor you are hiring should be able to provide the best solutions for your problem.

  • No hidden fees:

The firm you are hiring as a financial advisor for your company must be transparent in terms of their fees. This means that a financial advisor should not hide anything in terms of charges. They should clearly state all the charges upfront when agreeing.

  • Monthly updates:

The financial advisor you are hiring for your company must provide reports on the performance of your company. These reports should be provided every month or yearly basis so that you can keep track.

  • Authorization:

The financial advisor you are hiring should be authorized and associated with the government as well. They should have a valid license so that they can perform their duties.

How much a financial advisor cost?

For a newly set up company, it would be very difficult for them to hire an expensive financial advisor. The terms and conditions related to the fees are being discussed earlier while agreeing. They either charge you on an hourly basis, commissions, or on fixed rates.

Is it worth paying for a financial advisor?

Financial advisors are very important for a company. They help you to increase your sales which in terms increases your revenue. Hiring a financial advisor will bring fruitful benefits for your company. They can help you to save your time and money.