Lots of people can learn a second language. It may be another language in the same region or a language entirely different from another nation. The person who can speak more than one language is known as bilingual. These type of person can translate different language like an individual can do Chinese translation (รับแปลภาษาจีน, which is the term in Thai) if he/she knows the Chinese language perfectly. The translation is a practical application of the theory of meaning. This meaning can be analyzed at different levels, and for different units, that is, from word to phrase to sentence to text.

Is bilingualism associated with translation?

In translation research, one of the common assumptions is that translation is bilingualism and that each bilingual person is necessarily a translator.

It is an undeniable fact that bilingualism is essential for translating skills and productivity but not adequate. Specific considerations require the necessary skills, experience, and cultural background. In fact, the need for each translation scholar to introduce their own style, terminology, and way of conveying meanings play an essential role in translation activities.

A bilingual can be a translator, but to be a professional, they need to learn the proper skills for translation.

Relationship between bilingualism and translation:

bilingualism lets one answer specific general questions regarding language usage and thinks more about how the human mind experiences different kinds of reformation. Because the translation is a practical application of meaning theory, the interpretation of meaning within a document by the translator can be evaluated at different levels and for different units.

Bilingual people view words differently from the standard interpretations of the same phrases, and there is a psychological explanation for that. Terms are often used in words of descriptive language, in ways distinguished by their physical characteristics as well as their attitudes, behavior, structures, and perceptions concerning meanings.